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October 25-26

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Happy Autumn!

Our Harvest Produce Sale is going on this Weekend!  We have the Spectacular 5 Acre Pumpkin Patch Open for Upick so bring your wagons and your imagination.  The Straw Outpost is up and our attractions are available for kids of all ages, cost is $5 to cross the Bridge to enjoy the Maze, Hay Jump, Fort, Grain Play Pit, Pyramid and Obstacle Course.   We have Horse and Pony Rides available this weekend across the Bridge as well.  Children (80# or less) are $5 for Horses or Ponies and Adult Trail Rides on Horses are $7.  The Face Painting crew will be here, we will have caramel apples, pumpkin pie, fresh pressed apple cider. Plan to have a great day with us no matter the weather!  It’s Fall!     



PEACHES $15/box,  buy two boxes for $28  They are great for peach butter, smoothies or cutting up to freeze for holiday pies.  Want a bunch?  Talk to us.

BARTLETT PEARS $13/box awesome for canning, pear butter, baking, and freezing.  We also have them loose in bins for 50 cents a pound

TOMATOES $15/box   gorgeous canners, we just finished another 60 jars last night.  These heirloom beauties are perfect for salsa, sauce and everything in between

CANDY SWEET ONIONS $21/50#bag or 50 cents a pound, great for making aforementioned salsa.  These sweet keepers are too good to miss. My son eats them raw like apples.  Good stuff for cold season!

RAW BUCKWHEAT HONEY $16.75 a quart  since we all want to be healthy this season we have samples, recipes, and health information on our astoundingly good for you and tasty raw honey.  It’s proven to be more effective as a cough suppressant than o.t.c. stuff for kids…with fewer side effects.  WOW!

CIDER APPLES 50 cents a pound our binned cider apples are loose in bins.  Bring your own boxes or bags and grab a deal!  Several varieties to choose from.

HUCKLEBERRIES $44/gallon or $12.50/#  Wonderful for holiday pies, jams, jellies, desserts of all kinds and of course breakfast yogurts. 

HANDMADE CARAMEL POUND+ BAGS $6.50 OR try the tasty decades old family recipe in bite size caramel for 50 cents.


The extra small print: Wear close-toed shoes, no pets and no smoking. This increases our safety and others.   If you have a wagon, consider bringing it.  We will not provide carts this season and many parents have found Red Flyer Wagons a Blessing!  We have a load out area for your convenience. • Bring Recyclable Bags.

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